About Me

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Passionate About Coaching, Helping, and Inspiring Others

Coaching, helping, and inspiring people in their lives are at the very heart of my life and I am passionate about what I do because I love people.


No matter how successful we are in our professional or private lives, sometimes we just get stuck, stressed or even burnt out, and we need someone to help us to get back in track to move forward in our lives.

I am originally from Sicily, Italy, and I been living in the UK since 2012. I speak English of course, Italian, and I have a good understanding of Spanish and Portuguese.

I have been working with some Christian charities and community projects in the UK since 2014 providing pastoral support and mentoring as part of my duties, and I been helping many people with different issues and areas in their lives. I am also currently working with another organization providing job coaching for people with learning disabilities and autism. Through these experiences and personal challenging times I have been through, I learned a lot about life, gained wisdom, determination, experience, and empathic understanding to help you in your life's journey.

I offer affordable Life Coaching for people who want to move forward in life in a positive way, improve their lives, and achieve their goals. I'm based in Bexhill-On-Sea in the UK and I work with clients in the UK and Worldwide using mainly the Zoom video conferencing (if it's not possible for you to use Zoom please do get in touch and we can definitely find a different way to meet like Messenger, or Google meet). I also can do sessions via telephone for clients within the UK and Worldwide through WhatsApp.

I'm a certified Life Coach, DBS checked, and fully insured. And I'm specialised in personal Life Coaching for adults and also under 18 with the parents approval.

What to expect from Life Coaching?

Through powerful questioning techniques, thinking outside the box, giving you space to feel and think, coaching focuses on helping the client discover answers for themselves. This has an empowering impact on you as the client.

Coaching unlocks incredible potential and enables:

  • Greater self-awareness, self-discovery and clarity over what you want. Helps clients dramatically improve their outlook on work and life, while improving their skills and unlocking their potential

  • Greater understanding and future direction by exploring any limiting beliefs and obstacles, identifying strengths and weaknesses, eliciting self-generated solutions and strategies, moving clients into action

  • Inspiration and new motivation for people to maximise their potential and create and achieve positive outcomes and goals

  • Greater focus and being proactive accelerates clients’ progress by providing greater awareness of all the possibilities which exist to create personal fulfilment 

  • Improved resilience through clear management of well-being, stress, anxiety, frustrations and self-care

  • Smarter goal setting to get you focused, ensure you plan and achieve your desired goals

  • Increased confidence, social skills and soft skills to enable you have more fulfilling and rewarding relationships with colleagues, friends or loved ones

  • Better communication due to better self-awareness and understanding of yourself and others

Contact me now to book your FREE 30 min initial consultation. I would love to hear from you and help you in whatever way I can! In this initial consultation we will meet, have a quick chat of what you need life coaching for, and book our first session if both of us are happy to start this journey together.