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Matthew, West Sussex

Melchiorre has helped me on many occasions. He is a lovely man and very encouraging. Melchiorre has been a friend to me, but more than that a mentor. He helped me during times of depression and difficulty when he would remind me that there is a purpose for me in this world. Melchiorre is very good in dealing with questions regarding meaning, faith, and spirituality. I highly recommend this fantastic gentleman.

 If you want to fulfil your dreams in 2021 I seriously recommend Good News Life Coaching

Karl, Surrey

Lacking confidence and not knowing how to take the next step in my life and career, I sought help from Melchiorre. At this very moment I am having life coaching sessions and already seeing results, both in confidence and having a direction on how to achieve my goal. This is an amazing experience and without the help of Good News Life Coaching I would still be lost and without direction and confidence to take the next leap in my career. To feel my confidence and sense of direction growing is the best feeling.

Alex, West Sussex

Melchiorre has been great in my life being so refreshingly honest but also loving. I have seen first hand him empathise with people in all walks of life but also be driven to help them in any way he can. His love and passion for others makes him such a great person to both confide in and trust for key advice and encouragement. I would recommend Melchiorre as a life coach for any situation you face.

Michelle, London

I have consulted other psychological professionals in the past, but in a few sessions Melchiorre has brought me to a much better place. His empathetic style is so good and his understanding of where his clients need to be. 

Melchiorre clearly does have a natural ability to bring you to where you want to be. His sessions are clearly defined as to where your sessions are bringing you and his life coaching techniques brings you there quickly. You can tell him anything in a safe space, and I cannot recommend him enough. I would say even if you have had life coaching, counselling or a psychologist, and not felt it had completely helped try Good News Life Coaching, you will not be disappointed!

Helen, West Sussex

I have known Melchiorre for about five years and in that time he has helped me on many fronts. He helped me to see, when I was lost, stuck and drifting with addiction and mental health problems that my loving God didn’t want this existence for me and had a brighter future ahead. Melchiorre has a gentle, kind, thoughtful nature with a genuine and honest personality, and He will make a great Life Coach because of his unwavering hope and commitment to help people to find out where there next steps lie. He didn’t judge me, he just wanted the best for me. He walked with me until I regained hope and got sober. Then I could face the barriers to moving on with a clearer head.

Gionatan, Surrey

I had a number of coaching sessions with Melchiorre and I found him to be extremely helpful in helping me to make decisions during difficult times. It was very helpful to have Melchiorre encouraging and guiding me to overcome the challenges that I was encountering.

Gareth, West Sussex

I have had low self-esteem for a long time and have benefited from working each week on goals to help me with this. Melchiorre will ask you questions about your life and then let you talk. I find his kind and caring approach makes me feel at ease so I feel I can talk openly with Melchiorre. Together you can set goals. To my surprise, I was able to achieve my goals which were not too hard. You agree together on how long is needed to complete the tasks. My confidence and self-esteem has improved since starting the coaching and I look forward to carrying on to help me achieve more in my life than I taught possible. I would thoroughly recommend this life coaching to anyone who feels stuck in a rut with their life.

Daniel, Surrey

Melchiorre helped me develop my confidence by telling me positive things about myself. I also gained more confidence through playing games like pool and table tennis with him, as we had fun and I enjoyed winning, although not all the time. Due to his friendly personality, I felt comfortable enough to talk to him about some troubles I was struggling with.

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